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Ryobi Drill Review – P215 18V

Many times in the lab I find that I need to drill a good clean hole into something. Whether that’s an electronic enclosure, control panel, robotic platform, or a printed circuit board there are lots of holes to drill. And I need a quality tool for the work. That’s why I took a hard look at the Ryobi P215 18V One+ 1/2-in Drill Driver for today’s review.

This drill can handle a variety of bits with a 1/2 inch chuck. It can deliver up to 500 pounds/inch torque, so it can handle heavier applications if needed. It has a 24 position clutch and a 2-speed gearbox. Please note the link to the Amazon product is for the drill only. You will need to buy a battery and a charger separately. 


Ryobi P215 18V One+ 1/2-in Drill Driver (Bare tool)

Drill clutch. If you don’t know how to use a clutch, here are a few tips for this drill. Since there are 24 positions, begin in the middle at position 12 and drive in your screw. If the clutch slips before you get the screw all the way in you will need to go up in number and repeat. If the screw goes in too deep, turn the number down. Why the difference in numbers? In general, large screws need a higher number for the clutch and small screws will need a lower number. Also, the material you are driving into makes a difference. Softer wood will be fine at lower numbers, but hardwood will require you set a higher clutch setting. It takes practice to get the feel of what is needed so definitely don’t screw into your final product unless you know how to handle the clutch. Use some practice material first.
Ryobi P215 18V One+ 1/2-in Drill Driver (Bare tool)

Additional tips: buy two batteries instead of one. That way you can charge a battery while you use the other. For long sessions you will really appreciate having a fresh battery read to go. As mentioned before, you will need to buy your batteries separately. Also, this drill only comes with a couple of drive bits. You will need to purchase your drill bits if you don’t already have some. For real convenience, this drill has an LED light located just above the battery.


9.3 Total Score

Powerful and well made. Smaller light weight size makes this drill very comfortable to use. Light is very helpful.

Light weight
Battery life


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