Lifegoo 5 Piece Mini Pliers Flush Side Wire Cutter Repair Precision Plier Set Review

Over the summer I did a big cleanup of the workshop and found a set of precision pliers in a zipped case. I don’t know how long I’ve had them, maybe 20 years, but they were in pristine condition without a speck of rust. They are on back on the workbench now and inspired me to do a review of this kit.

For those times when you need to access the tiniest of parts you will need a set of pliers that can precisely pick up and place your components. These pliers quite often come in a set, such as the one reviewed here. The nylon bag includes a 5 piece set: mini need pliers, long nose pliers, diagonal pliers, end cutting pliers, and linesman pliers. The pliers are spring loaded. As I mentioned they are of a high quality material and corrosion resistant. They are also comfortable to use for those times when you might have a long job.

Lifegoo 5 Piece Mini Pliers Flush Side Wire Cutter Repair Precision Plier Set Include Needle Plier,Long Nose Plier,Diagonal Plier,End Cutting Plier,Linesman Plier,Nylon Bag Bonus with Gloves

What is each plier used for?

  • Mini Needle Plier
    For holding and repositioning wire and small objects
  • Mini Long Nose Plier
    For cutting, bending, twisting and gripping wire
  • Mini Diagonal Plier
    For cutting wire
  • Mini End Cutting Plier
    For pinching, cutting, or pulling an object
  • Mini Linesman Plier
    For gripping, twisting, bending and cutting wire


  • Good fit for long jobs
  • Great for computer work


  • Some customers complain the pliers do not cut very well

8.1 Total Score

For electronics repair and other small component work

Value for Money
Easy to Use

This set will make a good addition to your tool kit. They are great for occasional use and as a backup set of pliers.


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