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The Arduino Customer support team is excited to announce the final release of the Arduino Help Center.  A place where you can find answers to your questions and lots of useful troubleshooting articles to help you enjoy and get the most out of the Arduino experience.

With the active Arduino community finding ever more creative ways to use an Arduino, building a purposeful help center with customers at heart has been a challenge that we enjoyed taking. The design, development and customer support teams have been studying all the different contact points in our ecosystem to gather more information and insights on how users interact with Arduino; providing a solid foundation to build a Help Center with useful sections and friendly navigation.

One primary aim of putting together the Help Center was to specifically make it easier for new Arduino users to access all the information that can help them to get the most out of their Arduino experience. This new solution expands the channels we use to support our customers, and rest assured we are still here to help if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for – plus there is the Arduino forum with millions of community members out there willing to share their tips. Given the constantly active nature of the Arduino community, we will continue to add new articles on a monthly basis with the most topical and useful solutions.

How  to use the new Arduino Help Center?

The Arduino Help Center is always available  – simply click the ‘Help’ in the bottom right of your screen.

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