Apple Watch Series 6 review: Still the Best

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While there are plenty of decent options out there, including Apple’s own SE, the Apple Watch Series 6 is the only real choice when buying a smartwatch. You might not need all of the things it does right now, but if you’re going to spend a few hundred bucks on a smartwatch, it pays to future-proof your wrist.

Michael Simon of Macworld has been testing quite a few watches and bands recently, namely the Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch SE, Fossil Carlyle Gen 5, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, even the Amazon Halo band. He says the Apple Watch Series 6 is the undisputed leader of the pack. Yes, you’re paying more for a Series 6 than any of those devices, but the extra money is so well spent you’re better off waiting for a sale to buy one rather than settling for a cheaper watch, even the SE.

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